Tennis – The villa has a private tennis court and rackets and balls are provided.

Table-Tennis – There is a table-tennis table in one of the rooms in the villa and rackets and balls are provided.

Golf green - The back garden has a putting green with 6 holes and a bunker ideal for practising.

Golf - There are 45 golf courses on the Costa del Sol including Mijas Golf (5min drive) and Valderrama.

Badminton – There is a badminton court in the garden and rackets and shuttlecocks are provided.

Football – There are two football goals in the garden and plenty of footballs.

Basketball – There is a basketball hoop on the tennis court with basketballs.

Water Sports – There are plenty of floatation toys for the children available.

Pool – There is a pool table in the villa with balls and cues provided.

Darts – There are 2 dart boards in the villa with many sets of darts.

Board Games - The villa has many board games including chess, backgammon and monopoly.

Casino – The villa has a casino including poker and roulette tables.

Computer Games – There are 2 computers in the villa for internet computer games.

Gym – There is a gym in the villa including a treadmill.

Mountain Bikes – There are 4 mountain bikes in the villa.